Chapters 1-4

I am humbled that you have taken the time to visit the God Is Not on Your Side blog page.  The opening of this blog coincides with the launch of God Is Not on Your Side with the stated purpose of creating a space online where people can explore the themes/topics of the book.  The first three blog posts will be a short summary of some of the chapters with some brief thoughts and questions to hopefully prompt introspection and discussion regarding those chapters.  

Chapters 1-4 provide the testimony behind the God Is Not on Your Side book and the basic foundational theology.  After sharing my personal testimony, the book seeks to answer three fundamental questions: Who am I? Who is God? Is God on my side?

Feel free to leave a comment discussing how these chapters spoke to you or exploring some of the topics in more depth.  Below are some additional questions to help prompt discussion.

Questions for discussion/reflection:

  1. How can we be sure that we are following the real Jesus, and not a Jesus that is the product of our own culture or personal preferences?
  2. Why is it important to have a Biblical view of self?
  3. How can a distorted view of self then lead to a distorted view of God?
  4. How do you answer the question: “Is God on my side?”
  5. What is the difference between believing God is for me and believing that He is on my side?  Why is it dangerous to confuse the two?


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