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I am humbled that you have taken the time to visit the God Is Not on Your Side blog page.  The opening of this blog coincides with the launch of God Is Not on Your Side with the stated purpose of creating a space online where people can explore the themes/topics of the book.  The first three blog posts will be a short summary of some of the chapters with some brief thoughts and questions to hopefully prompt introspection and discussion regarding those chapters.  

Chapters 5-7 and 12-13 of God Is Not on Your Side address the more broad applications of the truths contained in the book.  These chapters explore how the lie that God is on my side has crept into the church from the surrounding culture; distorting our approach to politics, salvation, and spiritual fruit.  Once Christians embrace a Biblical worldview, we will begin to identify and repent of these falsehoods that have entered both our individual lives and the church.  The result will be a people who, though fully engaged in missional living on earth, will identify more and more as citizens of heaven, and live in such a way that the love and power of the living God manifest in them. 

Feel free to leave a comment discussing how these chapters spoke to you or exploring some of the topics in more depth.  Below are some additional questions to help prompt discussion.


Questions for discussion/reflection:

  1. In what ways has the secular culture around us actually made its way into the church?  What have been the consequences of this?
  2. Politics, power, and violence are tools that non-Christians use to influence others, but Jesus calls us to a different path.  What are the tools Jesus taught His followers to use?
  3. What is spiritual fruit?
  4. Is it possible for someone to truly have a Biblical worldview?  How does this happen?


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