“That sounds like a really interesting book, but are you sure you want to use the title ‘God Is Not on Your Side?’” 

I received this question often when I was in the early stages of working on this project.  .

I did not go into this process with any delusions of grandeur.  I know people tend to buy books that reinforce their worldview, so a book which challenges one to rethink their worldview would be a tough sell to say the least.

I considered changing the title many times.  If I am completely honest, it made me uncomfortable even then.  The concept that God is on my side had been ingrained in me for so long, that for a long time when I read the title of the book it just grated against something foundational in me.  It was in this process of wrestling with the book title, that God revealed to me exactly why He had put it on my heart.

Working on this project has shown me how foundational the lie that God is on my side really was in my life.  It was such a part of my worldview for so long, that it influenced nearly every aspect of my life, from small seemingly benign decisions to large ones (like getting engaged).  For many years, my life had been bearing fruit that had been born from this false theology.  Allowing God to work in my life to change my worldview and align it with a Biblical worldview, has been a very humbling and sometimes uncomfortable process; but by God’s grace I am on this journey.  

I had never published a book before.  A community health provider, content in my calling to serve the underserved, I had no built in platform for book marketing.  I essentially found myself in the situation where I felt sure that God had called me to write a book I knew people would not be inclined to buy, without a publisher, without a platform for marketing, and without any prior experience in any of these areas.  None of it made any sense, but when does God call us to do things that make sense?

The more I spent time in prayer, the more I felt God confirming that He simply wanted me to walk in faith through the project.   Every step of the process has been humbling and challenging.  I have seen the Lord show himself faithful numerous times, and by His grace the project has come to fruition and continues forward.  I do not know what God has in store, or even how He wants to use this work, but I know He has called me here, and that is enough for me.  I praise the Lord for each person who has interacted with this project and has shared that God has spoken into their life through it.

There are some who may look at the division and challenges of the American Christian church and feel things are beyond repair, that people cannot change.  My testimony is that God showed me my sin, I repented, and by His grace I am walking a new path seeking to be on His side.  If God can do this work in me, I have faith not only that He can do this work in others, but that He is already working to bring about this change.  

Why am I taking the time to share these things with you?  I simply felt that it would be helpful to share a little of my heart and the story behind this project.  I am humbled where God has brought this so far, and trust that He will continue to use it to work in the lives of others for the glory of His name.  

So where have we been?

In April 2021, the God Is Not on Your Side book and book study were published, the Twitter and Facebook pages launched, and this blog was started.  The book trailer launched in the fall of 2021.

I was recently blessed to have my first podcast interview with Jimmy Humphrey, which you can find on Spotify or iTunes.

From January 7th 2022 through March 6th 2022, we will be doing an e-book promotion, and the God Is Not on Your Side e-book can be purchased for $0.99 on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and iTunesIf you feel so led, I kindly ask that you consider sharing the e-book with some friends or simply letting them know about the e-book special.

Where are we going?

I pray the Lord will continue to open doors for additional podcast interviews. If you know a podcast you feel would be a great space to discuss the topics of the book, please feel free to send me your suggestions through the Contact the Author page of this website or simply by commenting below.

At this time, in addition to what is mentioned above, I am praying about the possibility in the Spring/Summer of working on a 16 session You Tube video series that follows the God Is Not on Your Side Book Study.

My heart is that this project would be a space where we can seek to be on God’s side together.    If you have any additional suggestions for how that may happen, I would love to hear your ideas.  I am simply trusting the Lord in this process and greatly look forward to the journey that is ahead.

May the Lord bless you greatly!



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