Book Study Video Series

The past few months, I have finally been working on a part of this project that has been on my heart for a while; putting out a video series.

In today’s online culture, it seems people are more inclined to engage with what simply reinforces their beliefs, and move quickly away from things that challenge them.  My heart behind the book is to challenge and encourage people, but there can be a fine line between engaging with people in a way that edifies versus offending and pushing people away.  This is especially true with this project as the topics of the God Is Not on Your Side book can sometimes elicit strong reactions from people.  

In an effort to find that healthy balance, I have been working on a video series on the YouTube Channel that walks though some of the basic concepts of the Book Study.  In these short form videos, I cannot cover all of the material of the Book Study, but I hope through them people are able to get a better idea of the concepts contained in the book and engage with this project.

As I have said from the beginning, I am grateful for each and every conversation.

If you have not already, I encourage you to check out the God Is Not on Your Side book YouTube Channel.  There are currently 6 videos posted, you will find the list below as well as the main question presented in each one.  I would love to hear your answers to some of the questions.  I also hope you would consider subscribing to the YouTube Channel to be aware when new videos are posted.

  1. What is the role God has for you in His kingdom?
  2. Which Jesus do you follow?
  3. Who among us is good?
  4. Is it possible for Christians today to push Jesus away?
  5. Whose side is God on?
  6. What happens when we expect God to be on our side?

May God be glorified in our lives as we seek to be on His side together!


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